Ru Courtod le ru retrouvé: Brusson, Ayas, Saint-Vincent

Along the Ru by mountain bike

For those who love mountain biking and have decided to visit Valle d’Ayas, Ru Courtod must not be missed!

Less expert bikers can start by cycling along the service track which follows the new underground water pipe crossing the woods and pastures halfway up the mountainside, while more expert bikers will enjoy the single-track stretches along the old open-air channel. Even this second alternative is never very difficult as there is very little rise in altitude and the ground is fairly even.

One interesting route leaves from the point where part of Ventina mountain stream water flows into the channel, and runs practically on a level along the mountainside. A second route flanks a stretch of the ancient channel through dense larch woods and wide pastures where cattle graze. A third route starts from Col de Joux and crosses a dense conifer wood.

Whatever itinerary you have chosen, there are many alternatives of varying length and difficulty; as the Ru has many access points you can adapt your ride to the time available or your technical skill.

The best way to appreciate your outing is to engage a mountain bike instructor from the newly formed regional association. Through his intimate knowledge of the region, this professional operator will teach you to appreciate your ride making it not just a wonderful excursion but an unforgettable experience.

It is essential to carry out a correct maintenance on your bike before departing (there are specialised mountain bike shops for assistance and sales in Brusson and Ayas) and be prepared for your outing (minimum knowledge of the area, how long it will take, small tools for emergencies and always keep your helmet on!).