Ru Courtod le ru retrouvé: Brusson, Ayas, Saint-Vincent

The Ru on horse-back

Some stretches of Ru Courtod have become interesting routes for horse riders after some of the water was diverted into pipes and a good unmetalled service road was built over the underground water pipes of the new channel.

This route has a barely noticeable rise in altitude, it is easily practicable and therefore suitable for all horse riders, from novices to experts. There are no particularly difficult stretches which means that riders can relax and enjoy the breath-taking panorama of Monte Rosa’s glaciers, the dense woods, pasturelands and picturesque villages clinging to the valley sides.

There are two equestrian centres in Brusson and Ayas, which are reference points for organising a guided trek along with experts and an enthusiastic Equestrian Tourist Guide, or where you can stable your own horse or obtain any information for a safe horse trek.

Considering the itinerary’s high altitude, do not forget that the weather can quickly change so take suitable clothing and a blanket (preferably rainproof) for your horse. There is plenty of drinking water for the animals along the route. It is advisable to wear a hard hat.